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Residents are being terrorized by a 21-strong gang of yobs in a picturesque spa town

Shocking footage shows how residents are being terrorized in their homes by a gang of 21 youths who invaded a picturesque spa town. The large group of “brilliant” youths have been wreaking havoc across the sleepy town of Malvern Link, Malvern, for several months. Locals say the group, believed to be between 12-16 years old, are harassing them, threatening people with knives and throwing stones at houses. Others say they caught them urinating in neighborhood gardens, stealing and setting fire to people’s letterboxes. Parents have said they are too scared to let their children play outside after one boy was beaten up and elderly residents were left “prisoners in their own homes”. One couple who live on Cedar Avenue, where average house prices are around £320,000, caught the hooded youths on their Ring doorbell camera last week. Footage shows the menacing gang swooping on their driveway before entering the garden and stealing their son’s £1,000 bag and £300 bike from their cabin. Célia McCullough, 47, who lives with her partner Neil Topping, 49, said they rushed home after witnessing the theft last Saturday (29/4). Mum-of-two Celia later uploaded the footage to social media to raise awareness and catch those responsible – but police told her to take it down. She said: “We saw the group on film and we were able to count 21 people involved looking at my camera and my neighbours. “It was scary to see them all at the end of our driveway. “They ran into our garden and stole my son’s bag from our cabin. They also stole an expensive bike. way to Malvern Link station. “We heard they were also throwing stones at houses and urinating on property as well. “Since uploading it on social media I have heard many other stories from people who have been terrorized by the same children. “One person said they were too scared to let their children play outside after being hit by a boy. They have threatened another person with a knife. “I was told they set fire to someone’s mailbox. It’s just horrible. This is a nice quiet area with a lot of elderly residents. “This is not a big city where you would expect this thing, although it is unacceptable anywhere, we moved here because it was beautiful and quiet. “They need to be stopped but when I uploaded the film the police told me to take it down because an investigation was underway. “But we didn’t see them doing anything to stop them. We understand that they come from Worcester by train to focus on our little town. “Surely something could be done at either train station to stop them coming here. They’ve been causing havoc for months and nobody seems to want to act. “I want to put the people of Malvern Link on the information about this because things are getting worse here. “We live on such a quiet road and things like this don’t usually happen. “There are so many people on social media telling us about similar incidents involving this group. “They are terrorizing people and people are afraid. It has to stop.” Miss McCullough, who did not want to give up her career, said the attitude of young people towards the police was “appalling.” She said: “We were on the phone with the police the whole time on the phone. way to the station and they were fantastic when they arrived. “The attitude of these young people was appalling, even when the police dealing with them. They don’t seem to care.” Another elderly resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “We were too scared to go out because these savage thugs are running riot. trouble. We have become prisoners in our own homes.” Residents say the group was the same one that was banned by police from Malvern Junction Station at the weekend. The train station for up to 48 hours clock. A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “Officers in Malvern have issued five spread notices for this weekend following reports of youths in the Malvern Link area on the evening of Saturday, April 29 engaging in Anti-Social Behaviour. “The t -dispersal order applied under Section 34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

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