Locals Help Rescue Missing Stepfather and Daughter in Hillsborough County Florida

A sheriff’s deputy teamed up with local residents to rescue a father and daughter who were treading water for nearly an hour on Saturday, April 15, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) said.

The IS HCSO said 31-year-old Christopher Snow and his 13-year-old daughter Alexis failed to return after jet-skiing from Baker Creek Park in Thonotosassa around 6:50 p.m. By 8 pm, Christopher Snow’s girlfriend, Carolyn Joyce, went to the dock and found him HCSO Deputy Kevin Reich was conducting routine surveillance, and she informed him that they had not returned, local media reported.

A local man and his family offered to take the deputy out on their boat to search for the pair while they waited for marine and aviation units to arrive, local media reported. Footage released by the sheriff’s office shows the deputy finding the father and daughter and pulling them to safety.

Sheriff Chad Chronister praised the “quick response” of deputies and the public. “We are relieved that they were brought back to shore safely and without injuries. It’s scary to imagine what would have happened if this father and daughter weren’t wearing their life jackets,” Chronister said. Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript


They are right here.

I don’t see it.

Thank God. I hear them.

Oh, they’re in the water.

I hear them.

They are in the water.

Just slow down.

Yes, keep your pace slow.

Oh, they’re right here, right here, right here. They are right here in the water. We are coming!

We are coming!

Oh, my heart. I’m going to cry.


I could not do your job at all. I couldn’t do it.


This is the best part, though.

When we get close —


We are coming!

We’re coming, baby!

We are coming!


Just go bow to him. I’m going to get them on the front here.


We’re coming, baby!


We are coming!

OK, that’s fine.

That way [INAUDIBLE].

[INAUDIBLE] string.

There is a string right here.


Can you achieve that?

You are good. I’m going to – I’m putting them right on top.

[INAUDIBLE] string.

Well done, stay together. Stay together. The boat will be —

They are right here!

–you flow right. Keep the light on them, please.

[INAUDIBLE] I literally will [INAUDIBLE].

Our jet ski went under the water.

OK, fine.



Keep that on them.

[INAUDIBLE] go one way.




Thank God.

Don’t let go. Neither can I, Dad.


I’m sorry.


i got you Here, one of you comes to me.

I’m sorry.

There’s a ladder here on the back of my boat. Are you good, bro?

Yes, we are good.

Okay. I’m going to drag you to your vest, okay?

It is alright.


It is alright.

Are you alright? Come on. Come on.

Are you ok, my friend?


Are you alright?

Yeah, he probably threw the fuck out.

Hang on, hang on, don’t sit on your laurels.

Stay. Keep it up, Mann. [INAUDIBLE].

[INAUDIBLE] It is alright. [CRYING]

I can not [INAUDIBLE].

Good ending.

Good job, man.

Yes, man.

Let’s make sure you’re okay first.

[INAUDIBLE]. Thank you for your help.


Hey, my friend [INAUDIBLE].

Do either of you need EMS, an ambulance, or just need a little rest?

We are just tired.

We are tired.




Let’s give a. minute.

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