Arsenal are showing signs of wilting under our old friend, An Bru


Your team four points clear at the top of the table with seven games remaining, the fate of the first Premier League title in 19 years completely in your own hands and Tottenham Hotspur even bigger than usual? Football Daily doesn’t know much about owt, but we’re fairly certain that if Mikel Arteta, his players and thousands of Gooners were offered the above story before a ball was kicked this season, that of a man, a woman and a giant green-furred dinosaur, they would have after taking a bite out of our hand – but only until they stopped laughing at the almost preposterous absurdity of such a notion.

Before a ball was kicked, an unrelenting commitment from Tottenham’s misery or the top four and a return to the Big Cup would have cost us, but so has Arteta’s “process”, one most likely to Football in the day. to point out that we were incessantly mocked in a previous incarnation, even now that they are in the box seats on the run of the season, most Arsenal fans cannot bring themselves to believe that what could not They dare to talk about that happening, happening. Over the past few weeks, these laughs seem to have made their way down the pitch, where previously confident and admirable young players are fearlessly showing that they have deteriorated under our old friend, The Pressure.

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On Grand National weekend, Arsenal took a two-goal lead as they drove against West Ham inside 10 minutes, only to draw something of a “Devon Loch” when it looked like victory was a formality. emphatic. After being beaten back by their hosts and forced to settle for a draw, the eggheads at Opta were quick to point out that they had become only the fifth team in Premier League history to beat Arsenal score two goals in consecutive games. The other four? It doesn’t really matter because at this point, it will almost certainly be synonymous with the Gooners doing hari-kari football that way.

“Very disappointed,” Arteta said in his post-match interview. “The way we started again was fantastic, we were in complete control, then we lost our aim. We gave them hope, endured a terrible punishment, then believed them. We got on the rollercoaster where everything is going, corners and throws in, and we didn’t get out of there. The objective we needed for the third and fourth goal, I didn’t see it.” While Arsenal’s players can reassure themselves that the fate of the title rests entirely in their own hands, Manchester City’s more formal players can do the same and a game could hardly next week between the two sides at Etihad to be. more prominent in the title race.

It’s certainly more impressive than the final round of the weekend at Elland Road tonight, a game in which both Leeds and Liverpool fans would happily endure the kind of agonies their Arsenal counterparts are currently suffering.


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“The NHS is amazing beyond words… At the drop of a hat, [the surgeon] is ready to work and save my life. I still struggle to wrap my head around it to this day. Some people call step up for penalty pressure. It’s nothing compared to what these guys do” – Bath City’s Alex Fletcher, who suffered a life-threatening brain injury after hitting a concrete board during a match, speaking to Ben Fisher.


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“Re: scraps between teammates [Friday’s Daily]. Another weird/funny one with Blackburn’s David Batty and Graeme Le Saux, who decided to settle some unfinished business once and for all in the middle of a Super Cup game” – Barry Stone.

Tim Sherwood, the sinner ever. Photo: PA Images/Alamy

“When I was nine years old, I launched myself into the job market with a round of papers. One rainy morning I dropped my bag, soaked the newspapers and was given the shoe. No rival newsagents knocked on my door. Football is beautiful but it exists in a parallel universe” – Lindsay Williams.

Re: Mané and Sané. Why is it acceptable to punch someone in the kiss in sport and get banned and fined for a respectable game? If I clocked my colleague at work, I would be sent to the back of the doll queue. These types of football get far too much freedom in the roughing department” – Unc Fergal Conlon is curious.

“Mané to Sané: ‘No Pané, No Gané’” – Darren Walsh.

“Can we now officially move to include Arsenal as a word?” – Krishna Moorthy [see above – Football Daily Ed].

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